I'm a designer, a do-er and a maker.


A graduate of Nottingham Trent, with BA(Hons) Graphic Design 2007.

After University the rich world of interning and work took me on adventures from Manchester, to London, to Brooklyn, to San Francisco and Portland (Oregon). A lot has been learnt, including how to get inside the mind of a 16 year old male snowboarder (grunting and disapproving glances mandatory) as well as the complexities of working with international brand executives (sometimes the best way to loosen up tight collars is breaking moves on the dance floor!).


I've spent a lot of time working with large brands, but my real passion is making things,

objects, spaces and information people interact with. This can mean hours spent folding origami, stitching handmade leather goods, or painting personalised stationery.


If you want something special, or something personally considered, produced to a sophisticated level of production, then I'm your girl.


(I'm also a fan of face pulling, pun cracking, Ghost Busters, and 1980's bad hair photos)

Select designs available for purchase at my Etsy Shop